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Upcoming talks/workshops:

November 2019

BA: Swiftable - 28th & 29th of November - Buenos Aires, Argentina: TBC

Previous talks/workshops:

July 2019

Swift Island - Texel, Netherlands: Accessibility in iOS 13

Hacking with Swift: Live! - Bath, United Kingdom: Swift Hardware Hacking - video

June 2019

AltConf - San Jose, CA USA: Swift Hardware Hacking

May 2019

UIKonf - Berlin, Germany: Swift Hardware Hacking - video

March 2019

try! Swift - Tokyo, Japan: Swift Hardware Hacking - talk and workshop - slides // video

September 2018

//TODO Conf - London, UK: Your codebase is a product

January 2018

dotSwift - Paris, France: Accessibility - A line of code can be many things  //  video

November 2017

Circle Community - London, UK: Panel - Imposter Syndrome & Your Career: A Candid Discussion

October 2017

//TODO London - London, UK: Stop making average apps

September 2017

NSSpain - Logroño, Spain: Stop making average apps  //  video

June 2017

Swift Aveiro - Aveiro, Portugal: Making Flappy Bird Accessible (Workshop)

AltConf - San Jose, CA, USA: Creating Good Habits With Your Users  -  slides  //  video

May 2017

MCE - Warsaw, Poland: Creating Good Habits With Your Users  -  slides  //  video

UIKonf - Berlin, Germany: Accessibility AR experience (Hands-on)

iOS Accessibility Testing Workshop for Global Accessibility Awareness Day  -  slides

Code Europe - Warsaw, Poland: Porting iOS apps to tvOS  -  slides

Code Europe - Wroclaw, Poland: Porting iOS apps to tvOS  -  slides

April 2017

App Builders - Lausanne, Switzerland: Accessibility AR experience (Hands-on)

CRAFT - Budapest, Hungary: Debugging Accessibility  -  slides  //  video

March 2017

NOTHSCon - Richmond, UK: Accessibility  -  slides

iOSCon - London, UK: Debugging Accessibility  -  slides  //  video

November 2016: 

Úll - Killarney, Ireland: Augmenting the Senses (Special Feature)

Swift Alps - Crans Montana, Switzerland: Crafting Great Accessible Experiences (Workshop)

August 2016

360iDev - Denver, CO, USA: Crafting Great Accessible Experiences  -  slides

April 2016

App Builders - Zürich, Switzerland: Developing for the Apple TV

November 2015

MBLTDev - Moscow, Russia:  Developing for the Apple TV  -  slides

October 2015

Pragma Conference - Florence, Italy:  Embracing the Internet of Things for Cats  -  slides  //  video

September 2015

YOW! Connected - Melbourne, Australia:  The Internet of Things for Cats  -  slides

YOW! Connected - Melbourne, Australia:  Implementing Inclusive Interfaces  -  slides

August 2015

360iDev - Denver, CO, USA:  Building Habits - keeping users engaged  -  slides

June 2015

AltConf - San Francisco, CA, USA:  Building Habits - keeping your users more engaged  -  video

May 2015

Signal - San Francisco, CA, USA:  Implementing Inclusive Interfaces in iOS  -  slides  //  video

March 2015

Úll - Killarney, Ireland:  User testing with cats (lightning talk)

Swift Summit - London, UK:  Extracurricular Swift  -  slides  //  video

NSConference - Leicester, UK:  Building Habits - keeping your users more engaged  -  video

February 2015

London Mobile Forum - London, UK

November 2014

LiDG - London, UK: Making apps for the Apple TV  -  slides

AppsWorld - London UK: Panel - Developing & designing iOS Apps: Tools, techniques & tips

October 2014

NSScotland - Edinburgh, UK: Making apps for the Apple TV  -  slides  //  video

Command-R - London, UK: Psychoacoustics for app developers -  video

September 2014

iOS Dev UK - Aberystwyth, UK: Beyond VoiceOver: making iOS apps accessible -  slides

August 2014

NSLondon - London, UK: Making an app like Clear accessible -  slides  //  video

June 2014

Enterprise AppsWorld - London, UK: Panel - The importance of UX and UI in enterprise apps

FruitConf - London, UK: Beyond VoiceOver: making iOS apps accessible -  slides

AltConf - San Francisco, USA: Beyond VoiceOver: making iOS apps accessible -  slides  //  video

May 2014

UIKonf - Berlin, Germany: Beyond VoiceOver: making iOS apps accessible -  slides  //  video

April 2014

AOP Forum - London, UK: Using data to transform content - Presented with @andybuddlink  //  slides

January 2014

NSLondon - London, UK: Inheriting code -  slides  //  video

November 2013

AppsWorld - London, UK: Redesigning evo for multiple platforms






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I'm an iOS developer and Accessibility consultant. Since the first iPhone, I have worked on apps that have been used internally in hospitals, installed in galleries, and named ‘App of the Year’ by Apple. I'm driven by the desire to help people extend their reach and abilities through software. I'm currently a Technology Manager at Hotels.com where I lead the iOS team. I was previously Head of App Development at Dennis Publishing, one of the world’s leading independent publishers, where I built an award-winning team and worked on some of the top Newsstand apps across iOS, Google Play and Windows 8. Before getting into app development, I studied audio engineering, a field which combined my love of music, tinkering with expensive hardware and obsession with microphones.

Originally from Rhode Island, I now live in London and in my spare time I enjoy hacking, playing banjo and taking pictures with vintage cameras.

Find me on twitter @mostgood

Find me on LinkedIn