I am so blown away by how amazing everyone has been! 

In the first 24 hours of The Inclusive Toolkit being on Kickstarter, 46 backers have pledged £1,750!!! That's 31% funded in one day!!! I'm looking forward to what the next 29 days of the campaign will bring :)

This also totally made my day yesterday:

Launching this project on Kickstarter was very scary for me. It's a project that means an incredible amount to me and I'm so overjoyed by how quickly people have embraced it.

When I started speaking about accessibility, I thought I needed to convince people to want to make their apps accessible. But the more talks I've done and the more developers I've spoken to, I realised this is something everyone already wants to do. So why doesn't it get done? The reasons why are a lack of resource, knowledge and empathy. These are the areas I'm tackling with The Inclusive Toolkit. Check out the Kickstarter page if you want more information about it.

Keep spreading the word about The Inclusive Toolkit!